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1. Release muscle tension:

During periods of stress on the body your muscles can create trigger points and tension. Having regular massages can optimise your tissue pliability, which in turn can reduce injuries and improve mobility.

2. Support good posture:

We can all spend long times at our desks however this posture can cause muscles to shorten and pull your joints into positions which over time can reduce function and increase chances of over-use and repetitive strain injuries. Sports massage can help to release these muscles and is a great way to counteract the negative affect working at a desk has your posture.

3. Reduce pain:

Massage and soft tissue can be used alongside physiotherapy intervention to help reduce pain produced by injury. There has been a variety of research demonstrating the positive impact of massage on pain levels in lower back and shoulder pain when combined with exercises and manual therapy techniques.

4. Assist with recovery:

If you have trained a muscle group to help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), massage may help recovery by increasing circulation to the area massaged and helping to flush out the toxins that build up during exercises. This can help improve your recovery and leave you better able to optimise your training in the following days.

How can Sport Massage benefit you?

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