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Fat loss program for Londoners

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

To help you reach your goal we have assemble a dream team: personal training, a nutritionist and private chefs. We will design your workout programme and conduct all sessions, and thanks to the collaboration with MyNedes, a nutritionist will design bespoke meals to properly fuel you having in mind your sessions and, give you all the nutrients needed to efficiently lose weight and avoid unhealthy cravings and unwanted hunger.

So, how does the program works?

Everything will star with an online fitness assessment

and shortly after you will contacted as well by the nutritionist to set an appointment.

About the training

You want an expert to help get as much as possible out of valuable training time using proven training techniques, how to exercise bearing in mind background, injuries, and goals ahead, and you don’t want to waste a minute. Work with someone who understands your other commitments such as family, work, and lifestyle and can tailor a plan around these factors as well. Last but not least, you want accountability - It's difficult to slack off or procrastinate when a third party is involved and coaches you in the right direction. That's why, besides the live in-person online follow-ups and sessions, we have developed an app to give you all the exercises and tips you need to consistently go after your goals. For more information about trainning options please get in contact here *

About the food

Meals are specifically designed around your food preferences, the nutritional requirements set by your nutritionist and your workout schedule. You also benefit from direct access to your nutritionist for a ton of advice, and to get all of your questions answered.

We have more than 100 healthy recipes on rotation and they all incorporate premium, nutritionally-diverse ingredients, so you always have new meals and new ingredients to look forward to. Our chefs work their magic, using healthy, whole food ingredients to cook meals that are full of flavour, whilst also being low in salt and saturated fat.

Our packaging is entirely recyclable. Food containers are manufactured from 95% sustainable paper-based materials and our sauce pots are made of renewable plant-based materials. For more info, please get in contact here **

* Online fitness services and MyNedes chef services will be available within M25 in London.

1 on 1 fitness in-person sessions are available only in W, SW and WC postcodes in London.

* All programs, whether online on in person, are meant to last at least a month.

** MyNedes meals may be purchased separately from any training and vice versa. Please get in touch for further info here

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