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New year's resolution, I want to be healthier and fitter.

And we are here to help you!

We're flexible in our approach and can tailor a solution to suit your requirements. Get in touch today and receive a bespoke package based on your needs wether they are your nutrition, fitness or wellness.

WHY PERSONAL TRAINING? You want an expert to help get as much as possible out of valuable training time using proven training techniques, how to train keeping in mind your background, injuries and goals ahead and you don’t want to waste a minute. Work with someone that understands other commitments of family, work and lifestyle and can tailor a plan around these factors too. Last but not least, you want accountability - It's difficult to slack off or procrastinate when a third party is involved and coaches you in the right direction.

Get in contact with us for further info of our different packages and fees from a single session and assessment to packages of up to 50 sessions.


Making a lifestyle change can be challenging, especially when you want to transform many

things at once.

The good news? It is possible.

To start the journey of changing your lifestyle you first have to adjust your mindset.

"Think of change, not as a resolution, but as an evolution."

Here at Get Fit Get Better we understand that lifestyle change is a process that takes time. Not only requires will-power and strength from the individual but also support and encouragement from those around them.

The most difficult part of making a lifestyle change can often be the initial commitment. If you often find it hard to stay motivated and stick to the changes you want to make then we believe the "3 Months Change"is what you need.

Accepting help from professionals who care about you and listen to your challenges is the best way to strengthen your resilience and commitment.

That’s the idea behind the 3 months Lifestyle change we offer.

We believe three months is the minimum time needed to adapt to a new routine, one that instead of being a burden will become enjoyable. In other words, a new lifestyle to stick at with no expiring date.

Sounding good so far?

We understand that no two individuals are the same. This is why we offer careful and bespoke planning to ensure the programme you get is as unique as you are

We believe in setting you small goals and encouraging you to take the journey of change one step at a time. This will not only make the whole process a lot easier but ensure that any habits formed are there to last.

And don’t worry, we are here to explain what we do in case you have any doubts. A team of

professionals, from a highly qualified trainer, nutritionists, therapists and coaches will guide you through the process. If you feel overwhelmed or unable to meet your goals on your own, we will be there to support you. Please, get in contact here.


Why should be this therapy a must in our routine often?

Massage expands muscle tissues in a multidirectional fashion, equally longitudinally and side to side. This may also have a comparable impact on the muscular sheath and around ligament, enabling the perfect release of stored pressure and stress. Increased tissues permeability. Massage therapy leads to the tissue membrane microscopic holes to enlarge, enabling essential fluids and nutrients to go through a lot more easily. This allows waste material like lactic acid solution to be taken out easily and results in a situation whereby oxygen and nutritional requirements are swiftly sent to the target muscles, enabling a rapid recovery. Improved micro blood flow. Massage boosts the the circulation of blood to the targeted muscle tissues in the same way as exercise. Furthermore, massage therapy also causes vessels of blood to dilate which allows fresh air and nutrition to be transported more conveniently. Get in contact to book!

Physiological benefits of sports massage 

• Control of pain. Combining stress and waste materials in a muscle could bring about the feeling of pain. Massage reduces this unpleasant feeling simply by its capability to minimise anxiety and get rid of waste products. In addition, it stimulates the release of endorphins.

• Stimulates relaxation Therapeutic massage creates a an environment whereby heat creation, increased blood flow and improved flexibility are promoted. These types of features may play a role in stimulating physical receptors in your body and generating relaxation for the sport man or woman.

Sports Massage Therapy


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